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To: Chief of Police, Albert B Bosse

Dear Sir, I am writing this letter in a form of a formal complaint against two of your officers, a Lt. Dan Jackson and Brady. My complaint has been suggested by the public defender's office. As Chief of security at the Kenton County Library he has done all he can to make my life impossible. At present I am not allowed in that library because of the lies he has made up. And being in charge of other off duty officers on the Public Library's Security Team his attitude and conduct is what the other officers have taken their attitude towards me. When opinions are used to keep people from public facilities, justice has lost it's meaning.

I walked into the Kenton County Library on Monday, September 13, 1999 after leaving the Alcoholics Anonymous clubhouse on Russell Street (I have been sober for 6 years now). I sat down at one of the computers there and started working on my web page. I had a little friend there named Bryan come over and ask me if I had the "code," as he called it for the page I made for him. I have a web page with games for children I made for such an occasion since they are always asking where to find them. I observed Jackson quickly jump onto the computer I was using. He was up to his usual game of violating my civil rights of monitoring my computer use without a search warrant. I am well aware of the police officers who go down and "random monitor" for hours at a time, the URLs typed into the computers downstairs. Since he is the head of security, I put full responsibility up his shoulders. After helping my little friend Bryan find his page, I sat back down and went back to work. I got up to get a drink of water and Jackson was standing by the fountain. He said, "Come here!" I asked what he wanted and he said, "Come here!" I asked again what he wanted. He came rushing over and grabbed me by my arm and started dragging me across the room saying, "I want to talk to you!" I told him that if he wanted to talk that I wanted some witnesses to hear the converstation. I have had the displeasure of such browbeating talks with off duty security gaurd officer Jackson. He went off, saying that there were 3 children complaining about me terroristically threatening and menacing them. I told him that was "shit" and he quickly informed me that if I said shit again I was going to jail. He then started pushing me out the door and telling the librarian at the door that I was not allowed back in the library. I am not used to being shoved around for things I have not done so I spun around when he tried to push me again and called him a "Fucking liar!". He called for back up and officer Richard Webster walked in. When the on duty police officer got there he said, "Get out, Mark!" And again Jackson was at my back shoving me out. Well, outside the door, Jackson and Webster put the cuffs on my hands and one of them said, "Now we got you outside!" Jackson grabbed me around the neck and got right into my face saying that the next time he seen me in the street he was going to harass me and would give me a chance to prove my manhood, that this was his town and he did not want me in it. Officer Webster also made a similar statement during the arrest. We got to the car and I was told to "Get in!" and when I stood there passively was shoved into the car head first. I never once struggled or resisted Webster. Another officer showed up with a camera and I was told to "Get OUT!" My feet were all tangled in the car and I could not move with the cuffs on so officer Webster extracted me by my throat, then Webster held me by my handcuffed hand extended over my head from behind for some of his sadistic pleasure. I was photographed twice and told to "GET IN!" and told that if I did not I would be maced by Jackson. Webster then made the comment not to do that he had a ninja move to show me. He put his fingers in the hollows of my ears and drug me into the car. I hold Jackson responsible as he is an officer and in charge over the officer that he stood by and left assault me.

Court day rolled around and curiouslly they could find no children to testify to the terrroristic threatening, menacing and disorderly conduct charges. However, Jackson has convinced the library officials that in his opinion I am not worthy to use the library facilities. I have not been back there and am seeking legal help now. I do not know if they have a court order to keep me out, I am looking into that, for these are violations of my civil rights.

Officer Brady part happened a few months before this. I have had officer Brady respond once after dialing 911 because a man was throwing bricks at me in the street, Brady arrested me because I called. He pulled up and said, "You called?" I said, "That's right, I have rights too!" He made the comment that anything that happened between me and a black man I had brought on myself and that I was a racist and a bigot. I said, "I don't want to hear that." Brady quickly jumped out of his car and started screaming that I was going to hear it! Brady handcuffed me and while I am handcuffed and up against the car not struggling, maced my face. You see, officer Brady had previously mishandled an incident in the library as security there. The same black fellow that was assaulting me in the street was also the same fellow who came into the library and threatened that he was going to take a ball bat to me, I called him a nigger and he went over and told the officer at the library that day (Brady) that I was the problem and that I had called him a nigger. He threw us both out and that day. I went just so I would not have to go to jail again. Again officer Brady failed to show up on the court date with any evidence for the charge of disorderly conduct. The judge said that the charges were not being persued. I went back to the store that I was arrested in front of and asked the store owner who witnessed the whole arrest if I at anytime was yelling or creating a disturbance. The man said no and also said that he would testify.

Arrested again for talking to the staff at the library when they changed policy and had no explanation of the policy change in writing. Brady said that "He is leaving!" and I told him that I was not that I had done nothing wrong so off to jail by an off duty police officer for disorderly conduct. He lied on the report that I was told by staff to shut up and when refused was arrested. I would have had JC Morgan of the library staff who witnessed the whole affair as my main witness. The lies these officers continue to put on paper about me are insulting, and considered malicious prosecution in federal court! I know for a fact that they are off duty while in the library, even though they are in uniform. What gives them the right to harass me continually is beyond me so this is why I am sending this complaint to you.